Oriana Raeo

by Oriana Raeo

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released July 28, 2009



all rights reserved


Oriana Raeo Austin, Texas

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Track Name: The Divide Of Consciousness
All around there are veiled profits
Visible to those that inquire
The unseen apotheosis of ourselves
Believing only what can be formulated within
Past the lies is something hard to discern
Certain times are remembered so well while others are forgotten
The deception of memory
Life spans fabricated by our minds
Knowing things that weren’t ours to know
The truth cannot be known
Time is forever a mystery
Nothing really, really exists
Track Name: Staring Into Nothing
Too long secluded to the lurid state of scrutiny
Motionless though the thoughts keep pacing
Counting on fingers that hold not a clue
Nor a hint of a distant murmur: "please let me sleep"
At nightfall it's all the same
Figures weaving flawless deceptions of slumber
Clawing at eyelids that are far from clenched
A mute room has so much to tell
Behold the comfort of a haze
It's all for naught in this one
Track Name: Questionable Remarks
Renounced to the silent harmonies; boundaries to the break
Sliced like a thread held out too long
A facade of silent pledges
A figure built of deceit
Famished now, forced to reap cruel thoughts that not our own
Structured upon a tempest that has drug us out to sea
Choruses played out
Audible for decades
Here I lay comatose and alone now until the end
Once there was a reason to search for something more
But it died at a notion for truth
Track Name: Know The Facts for Once
Spent your whole life in fiction-filled affairs
Now the proper accord has graced you
Once out of sight, the will to hold invigorates
But you can’t breathe life back into something that was never alive
Uttering speech that was of the past
Aching for a mention of ease
When questioned to defend, they all fall silent
The overt display tells all